Press release – 27 February 2020

For every object Hans Endendijk creates, form is where it starts. He will launch his geometric seating object that seem to jump up from a flat surface in a double permiere at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.   

As soon as you spot the Paper Clip or Sit-Table by Hans Endendijk, you will want to know how they were created. Take a seat in the Paper Clip and you will be amazed by its suspending back. How is it possible? Are these single-piece objects? Were the parts glued together or bent by steam? ........  read more?

Spanhout by Endendijk – Founded on Movement
Curved Forms Made from Solid Wood

Spanhout combines Endendijk’s love for design with his fascination for innovative techniques. Spanhout launches internationally with Sit-Table and Paper Clip, presented at Masterly – the Dutch Pavilion and Rossana Orlandi Gallery during the Salone del Mobile 2020. These two remarkable wooden objects demonstrate his signature style of movement, created through a unique manipulation of the material. ........  read more?

"Study, , practice everything you are interested in. You never know when you will need it."

Entering the international stage in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2020 with his presentation Founded on Movement, Spanhout. Endendijk presents himself as designer, visualiser, inventor and craftsman. His approach to design is an interplay between his knowledge of image, design, materials, construction methods and techniques and the simultaneous mastering of all these. ........  read more?

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