Hans Endendijk

An inquisitive Dutch furniture designer, fascinated by form and technique, Hans Endendijk (1968) approaches design as an interplay between his knowledge of image, design, materials, construction methods, and techniques -while simultaneous mastering all of these. “Study, practice everything you are interested in. You never know when you will need it,” says Endendijk. This autodidact visual thinker with two right hands shares his passion for art, design and technique with the world through his work. Born into a family of designers, artists and art lovers he was surrounded by art and design from the start. Raised with the notion that everything can be understood, taken apart and re-assembled again, in the course of his life he has always put this into practice.

Endendijk enters the international stage in Milan with his presentation Spanhout, Founded On Movement, as a designer, visualiser and craftsman. Conceiving the form of the designs 'Sit-Table' and 'Paper-Clip' inevitably results in the development of an innovative technology, mutually inextricable and destined to exist. It is through these “technical delights” that once discovered, his works can never be seen in the same light again. Each of his pieces contains these elements of wonder, such as the remarkable staircase consisting of drawers. Endendijk’s way of working necessitates each of these components in order to create without compromise. His work demands technique in the same way music requires complex patterns to conjure a harmony.